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floRAL consultation

Personal consultation can be booked by filling out the intake form on the Booking Page. I like to spend this time getting to know a little more about you, get to know what matters to you and how you hope to spend with your floral investment.

A list of your floral needs is comprised through our conversation, and a few photos are shared to help create a vision with me. We discuss color, flower varieties, design elements and services required.

Floral Services are sectioned off into three recommended packaged plans. These are starting off points and makes it easier for you to plan your investment with Wild Rabbit.


estimates & proposals

You will receive your written estimate within one week from our consultation. In it I will provide a visual proposal that include inspiration pieces to invoke the style of your wedding, along with a detailed itemized list of the florals needed for your event. 

I often will include several suggested pieces that I think may play a key role in final design. These pieces are of course suggestions only and may be added or not to the final list. 

I allow for up to two revisions to your estimate before requiring a deposit from you for my service .

deposit & booking

A 30% non-refundable deposit of your initial estimate is due to book your wedding date with me. 

Your date will be held for one week after sending your estimate. Once booked you will receive an invoice from me with the balance owing, which is due one month before the date of your wedding. 

about your flowers

Wedding flowers are the most beloved and cared for blooms, and I go to great lengths to source quality seasonal flowers, gathering and caring for them in the days before your wedding. I always source locally first, through small farming communities all over British Columbia, and of course in my own cutting gardens. I truly love the gathering process, it feels like I am collecting the most treasured pieces to create for you. 

leading up to your


In the months before your wedding I am available by phone and email to discuss any changes you may need to make to your floral order. One month before your wedding we will reconnect to review your florals to ensure that everything is exactly how you want it, and work out any final logistic details. From there, your flowers are ordered from farms, and tagged in the gardens, and the final touches are made to begin creating your wedding florals. 

“Carli at Wild Rabbit Flowers + Handmade was amazing to deal with. I showed her some ideas of what I thought I wanted and gave her an idea of the whole wedding look I was going for and she helped me figure out what I wanted. As flowers are not something I am familiar with I trusted her to use whatever she thought would work to achieve what I was looking for. When I saw my wedding bouquets they were above and beyond what I could even imagine! I was so in love with them, and received comments on my beautiful flowers all day!! She was also very aware of my budget and did all this amazing work staying as close to it as possible. I loved that she touched base the week before the wedding to make sure that I went over my quote to double check the numbers, and just to give me the piece of mind she was working on my flowers without me having to check in. She also follows up with you after your wedding.” 

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