Wild Rabbit Flowers


The Story

Carli is an internationally recognized event designer and flower grower who truly lives for her work. Both her family and floral studio are nestled in the mountain community of Hope, British Columbia and Carli designs for weddings throughout the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver Area.

Carli’s love for her gardens, natural expression in design and desire to work independently brought her to opening Wild Rabbit Flowers. She pulls her inspiration from the natural beauty of the wild earth and the untamed heart.

Carli is a strong advocate for local and seasonal product, sourcing  flowers first from local and North American farms and of course, growing her own, wedding-specific specialty blooms in her private cutting gardens.

Carli’s floral style is heavily influenced by the wild and whimsical nature of flowers. Movement, flow and layering are all components in her arrangements, and a great care for colour in its truest natural shades comes shining through in her work.  A great amount of care and effort go into every piece, each stem placed with thought, and every event executed with passion and professionalism.

Carli works a select number of BC weddings a year spring through fall, and travels with her family in the off-season. 

“The natural, whimsical and hand-picked feel of the arrangements was what immediately got my attention when I came across Wild Rabbit. During my consultation with Carli, her experience in the floral industry and with weddings was definitely apparent and she did a fabulous job of translating my rough, disjointed ideas into something we could work with. I loved her detailed quotes with each idea clearly laid out, and that really helped me see that we were “clicking” and that she understood what I was after. Overall, working with Carli was fun and stress-free.”
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